SEM, “Search Engine Marketing” is a marketing tool to advertise your business at the top of web search results. When someone is searching for a topic related to your business, we can place bids on keywords relevant to your services or products that link directly to you at the top of results. To secure that coveted top spot above organic search results, we bid on keywords that are most relevant to your business vertical, and the highest bidder for specific search terms wins the auction for that spot.

SEM can show immediate results by driving highly qualified traffic to your page based on users’ searches related to your business, which can lead to conversions. If someone is already searching for something related to your business, pushing your business to the top can help convert them to a customer. This can also help build your brand recognition and visibility by prioritizing your ads over other results in the search.

Building an SEM ad campaign allows us to place ads in the search, and contextual ads for those who have already visited your website and have shown interest in your product previously. These ads can be targeted to find your ideal customer by targeting their search terms, location, or demographics like age, income, and more.

Real Media SEM
Real Media SEM Process

The advantages of SEM are:

  • Highly measurable, real-time data can show you instant results, allowing us to make adjustments to optimize ad spending.
  • You have control over the budget by setting your maximum Cost Per Click (how much you’re willing to pay per ad for a clickthrough to your website) and Cost Per Conversion (how much you’re willing to pay for a lead that converts into a paying customer).
  • SEM allows you to achieve scalable results for even small businesses based on your budget and timeframe.
  • Segmenting your ads by location, interest, and demographics can allow you to target the most likely customers to convert from a click to a sale

To craft a successful campaign, we do keyword research to find the most relevant search terms, write copy for engaging ads, analyze your competitors’ ads to fine-tune our strategy, and frame our budget based on your business needs and objectives.

While Search Engine Marketing requires constant management and analysis of results to optimize campaigns for success, new customers can find you fast and it’s a great tool that can yield high returns on ad spend.