Social Media Advertising

Social Media Marketing uses advertising through social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, to market services and products, and organically produced content that builds your brand through your own pages/profiles.

Social Media Marketing is a very direct way to build your brand and customer base. It allows you to engage with customers and reaching new customers both through ads and through your own content. Social Media Marketing can also help target customer due to the availability of data through social media accounts like age, location, income, job title, industry, and interests. Segmentation of ads to target specific customers that fit your ideal customer profile can help move customers towards conversion.

By using that data, you can target reach, impression or engagements, all of which can lead to conversions. Reach is focused on getting your ad displayed in front of as many people as possible, impressions is focused on getting your ad displayed as many times as possible, and engagement is focused on getting people to interact with your ad with likes, comments, and shares. These ads are placed to drive conversion by targeting highly qualified customers that match your target audience for customers.

Social Media
Social Media Process

There are 3 types of media to consider in Social Media Marketing:

  • Owned Media is content created and posted by your business
  • Earned Media is content created by your customers about your business
  • Paid Media is paid advertising and paid placements (like a paid feature on a blog or news website)

Engagement with customers through Social Media Marketing can come through advertising, like sponsored posts on Instagram, and through your owned media which in turn can help generate earned media. An example of this is a candy company sharing a new product (owned media), running ads and paying an influencer to share the product on their channel (paid media), and customers sharing their reaction to trying the new product (earned media).

This type of marketing also allows you to get real-time feedback both from ad campaign results, and directly from customers through messages, comments, and earned media. Your customers can let you know if they love something you can use as an endorsement, if they had a bad experience that you can fix, and customers can see reviews to help build trust in your brand.

Our Social Media Marketing services include campaign planning and management, content strategy, audience identification, and competitor and campaign analysis for continual adjustments and optimization of ads to target people that fit your customer profile for a highly qualified lead.